Friday, July 6, 2012

The Bookcase

Trying to organize your life can be taxing, especially if it requires reorganizing the next day! I try to set one day aside per week to clean the house and get everything in order once again. Apart from small cleaning jobs there are always those large task that many people try to avoid getting around to. I understand, repainting the hallway or filing all your important papers is only fun if you can sit there and watch someone else do it. But this week I set my mind to the bookcase--the dusty, messy, book-holding piece of furniture from hell.

My sister, Ashley, is a creative writer and is constantly buying more books for inspiration in her stories. We even had to get a second smaller bookcase to accommodate her obsession. I like our black bookcases because they bring a modern feel to the room (although the wooden ones are very classy). I like them even more when they are neat and organized so I set to the task.

I emptied and cleaned both bookcases...

 ...and put all the books back in alphabetical order.

I think the plant and globe really add some character as well as the Tardis bookends that my sister prizes so very much!

 Amazingly our second shelf is almost full and we will need to get a third one to place on the left side soon!
Do any of you have bookcases, and if so how do you decorate them, any tips?

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