Monday, July 25, 2011

A Feminine Stitch

 While spending extra time researching summer trends this year I am finding that sheer fabrics are a must have. I do own a few lace pieces including this dress but I seem unable to find an appropriate occasion to wear them. For some reason the public just does not like seeing young ladies walking down the street in a sheer maxi skirt.

 I always believed that crochet was lace's closest cousin, so it wasn't the biggest surprise to see this particular stitch gain popularity recently. Whether it be the flowery designs, the soft colors, or showing a little skin, crochet can add a feminine touch to an outfit just as well as lace. I prefer a long crochet vest or sweater, but not too long that it drapes over whatever curves I have and ruins the girly effect I was going for. This is why I love this Crochet by the Bay Vest from ModCloth (the hoodie was too cute!) and this Lslv Crochet Sweater from Forever 21 in a beautiful rose color.

They would make perfect additions to my closet, and so appropriate for the summer heat, don't you think?