Saturday, June 30, 2012

Summer Cupcakes

Today was a relaxing, sunny Saturday in Florida. I went to a cookout at my friend Kristen's house and she had made these adorable summer cupcakes. They are so amazing!!

The only credit I can take for this idea is the credit of gobbling them up! Since a cool and creative idea such as this should be for all to enjoy I shall share this with you in hopes of inspiring you to make your own cupcakes to liven up any summer themed party!

How to Decorate:
1. Ice half (approx. 8 cupcakes) with blue icing to resemble water and ice the other half with white icing.
2. Add crumbled vanilla wafers onto the white icing to resemble sand.
3. Decorate the blue cupcakes with Teddy Grahams and Life Savers (teddy bears sitting on pool floats!)
4. Decorate the sand cupcakes with Teddy Grahams sun bathing on Airheads Xtremes candy "lawn chairs"
5. Top them off with umbrellas and you have one super awesome cupcake!

Adorable, fun, creative, and delicious! Happy summer!

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