Saturday, May 28, 2011

Watermelon Whales

 It's been a busy graduation weekend. Our brother graduates today, so there has been quite a few parties already this week. As a gift for one of the parties yesterday Brittany decided to carve a watermelon and make a fruit basket. After much googling between the two of us we found the watermelon whale. She changed it up a little, but here's a cute DIY if you have a little patience and skill with a knife (I don't, so Brittany did all the carving!).

1. Pick a melon, make sure it's ripe and delicious.

2. Brittany did it freehand. But find a design and marker it on.

3. Carve him hollow. I've seen some cute melons where they used an ice cream scoop to make watermelon balls to put back in the fruit salad. I was too late suggesting it in this case.

4. Give him eyes and a spout. She used a perminant marker and a little confetti thing for the spout. Get creative!

5. Lastly, fill him with fruit of your choosing and enjoy!
Hope everyone's having a great Memorial Day weekend!


  1. Ahh! What a cute idea! It looks so wonderful!


  2. so cute!! I will definitely try it.

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    take care!


  3. I love it!

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